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The deadly political impasse: Who stands where

Islamabad Today Pakistan faces a deadly political impasse with grave ramifications. The players include the government, opposition, judiciary, the The News International – Islamabad

Early elections seen as possible solution to Pakistan’s political crisis

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan’s political crisis, which pits its president against determined opponents in foes in Parliament, the Supreme Court and the military, is likely to reach fever … Islamabad News Sources -2

What does Pakistan want in Afghanistan?

The first three articles on what Pakistan wants in Afghanistan attracted a surprisingly large number of comments. The point I was trying to make was that the Afghanistan of the 21st century was not the Afghanistan that King Zahir Shah left behind in 1973. The balance of power had changed irrevocably after 30 years of […]

All eyes on Naudero

  Except the hardcore or thick-skinned types, most of the ruling party members preferred not to return to the National Assembly Tuesday morning. Biting cold in Islamabad was not the reason. After separately talking to three PPP legislators, I rather realised that the ruling coalition was feeling as if abandoned by the military elite. A […]

The birth of Bangladesh

  I found it strange that no group or organisation in India celebrated the fortieth year of Bangladesh’s independence. I consider this odd because India was an active participant in the war that created Bangladesh. I recall that the then prime minister, Indira Gandhi, was angry over the stream of people pouring into India from […]

Why SC has issued notice to president

Why has the Supreme Court issued notice to the president of Pakistan on Wednesday regarding implementation of the NRO judgement? Most of the top l The News International – Islamabad

Walking wounded

ISLAMABAD:  The chilling fiction of “organic shrapnel” was created by American writer Don DeLillo in his post-9/11 novel Falling Man that was published in 2007. His concept referred to the pieces of human flesh that embed in another person’s skin right after an explosion. Imagine, you could be walking around with pieces of a suicide […]

A people-centric approach is way forward for Kashmir

Islamabad India and Pakistan will have to move from state-centric approaches for resolution of the Kashmir dispute to people-centric approaches, sa The News International – Islamabad

Celebrating the creative spirit of Ghulam Rasul

Islamabad Prominent personalities from the art world, literati, intellectuals, students, teachers, and people from different segments of the societ The News International – Islamabad

Demystifying memogate

  The BBC lady — the long-distance interviewer — began by reminding me that I wrote the first op-ed piece in Pakistan (The Express Tribune, October 16) on Mansoor Ijaz’s ‘disclosures’ in Financial Times about the controversial ‘Pakistani’ memo to Admiral Mullen. I wondered if there was a slight note of disapproval in her voice […]

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