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400-bed modern hospital opening ceremony on 25th

The opening ceremony of the Quaid-i-Azam International Hospital, a project of Global Health Services, a 400-bed state-of-the-art hospital, constructed The News International – Islamabad

Flu, cold, throat infection taking shape of epidemic

Cold, flu and throat infections hit population across country particularly in Punjab province by taking shape of an epidemic mainly because of dry chi The News International – Islamabad

Flu related disease on rise due to dry spell

ISLAMABAD: Flu related diseases including cough and soar throat, pneumonia and diarrhea are spreading everywhere due to ongoing long dry spell persist Islamabad News Sources

Hospitalized Pakistan President to be Discharged but No Word on His Return

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan, who unexpectedly flew to the United Arab Emirates on Dec. 6 for what was officially described as medical treatment, will be discharged … Islamabad News Sources -2

Breast cancer: Get your pink on

  ISLAMABAD:  The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and a non-government organisation have joined hands to create awareness about breast cancer in higher learning institutes.  In this regard a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by HEC Executive Director Suhail Naqvi and Pink Ribbon Pakistan chairperson Fariba Shiraz Thomson during a seminar on Tuesday. The two organisations […]

I am my own doctor: It’s too late when the body isn’t responding to those pills

  ISLAMABAD:  Self-medication and excessive usage of antibiotics to treat minor illnesses certainly has a negative side to it. The situation becomes more serious, when 11 deaths in a single month are being attributed to this phenomenon. On Friday, doctors from the allied hospitals of Rawalpindi said that they are finding it increasingly difficult to […]

80pc journalists prone to cardiovascular diseases – The Nation, Pakistan

80pc journalists prone to cardiovascular diseases The Nation, Pakistan ISLAMABAD (APP) – An astonishing 80 percent journalists of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are at risk to cardiovascular diseases due to over work, depression and couple of other problems being confronted by them, reveals PANAH, an NGO working to prevent … Rawalpindi – Google News

Chinese eye surgeons to bring light to 1,000 blind

Islamabad A team of Chinese eye surgeons began the ‘Bright Light Tour to Pakistan Wednesday when they started operating blind patients at the Paki The News International – Islamabad

HIV infection rate has risen ‘significantly’ in the past few years

  ISLAMABAD:  The HIV infection rate in Pakistan has risen significantly in the past few years. The main factor contributing to the rise is sharing of needles used for drug injections. There are more than 5% injecting drug users in at least eight major cities, said National AIDS Program Manager Dr Sajid Ahmed at a […]

Autumn hues everywhere in the capital

ISLAMABAD, Nov 20: The pleasant season of autumn – an interval between summer and winter – is welcoming the fall hues in the air of federal capital displaying the vibrancy Islamabad-News

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