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Blue Dust: Unveiling Taboos launched

Islamabad Religious minorities are not treated according to the norms and rules prescribed by the Constitution of Pakistan, said researcher, activi The News International – Islamabad

National Drama Festival: Unveiling the variant faces of society

  ISLAMABAD:  The National Drama Festival’s second play “Deewana Bkar-e-Khwaish Hushiuyar’ was a Punjabi suspense-comedy depicting the two faces that individuals often don. However the play cautions that though at times these facades can be malicious, sometimes individuals are left with no choice but to employ a thicker, secondary skin to protect themselves or make […]

Unveiling reality: Humanity lost amid societal pretence

ISLAMABAD:  Reality is not always understood instantly, often only the guise it hides behind is visible to the naked eye. The brutality in our surroundings around usually goes unnoticed and unspoken. Syed Faraz Ali, Panuwat Sitheechoke and Kriangkrai Kongkhanun aim to highlight this through their work at the Khaas Art Gallery. Putting such veiled concepts […]

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